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Stallion performance

Stallion's performance test in 2008 for Quincy and Ohio in Hamburg

2 years ago Quincy and Ohio were sighted for the first time by the breeding federation. One year later both were licensed - the result: Gold award for both! Now this had to be confirmed in a good stallion´s performance test. Hamburg, August 2008: Big stallion's performance test for driven, classically and western presented colts. During 3 days each stallion had to go the same examination twice a day. The last day the foreign rider submitted the deciding grading. A big calmness examination was likewise a decisive component.

Ohio and Quincy have not only passed the stallion's performance test, but they also have been judged as the two winners of the western ridden stallions.                   


Video von Ohio Dream

Video von JL Spar-King Quincy

Score Ohio

Score Quincy