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Riverside Curly Horse Ranch

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Dear visitors of our website,
Welcome to our internet-presence of Riverside-Curly-Horses-Ranch. On this page you shall find all valuable information about our Curly-Horses. As a breeder of Curly-Horses I am represented in several organizations. We consider the rearing of the horses, the characteristic owning and care as an indispensable basis and self-evident obligation of a successful breeding.

  • Selling of very good, examined and fully registered Curlies
  • Well-chosen breeding from six countries
  • Gold licensed and perfomance verified breeding stallion
  • Europe’s greatest Curly breeding
  • Curlies in western, classic and gaited type
  • Breeding in purity
  • EU-certificated insemination station
  • Western
  • Classic (dressage, baroque, jumping)
  • Gait-riding
  • Driving
  • Imprint and training of young horses
  • Breaking a horse to ride
  • Training for free-time horses up to and including the high competition
  • Natural Horsemanship
  • Fairs
  • Breeding exhibitions
  • High tournament sport

Fulfilling my obligations as a breeder very seriously I am registered in the following organizations:

Registered breeder at:

ABC American Bashkir Curly Registry No. 310 ICHO International Curly Horse Organisation No. 329 Bayrischer Zuchtverband für Kleinpferde und Spezialpferderassen e.V. DPZV Deutscher Pinto Zuchtverband e.V. MFTHBA The Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association,INC NRHA National Reining Horse Association Member #57957

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