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Equitana 2009

World fair of the equestrian sport Equitana in 2

At the Equitana this year's we were of course also present with our Curly Horses!
In cooperation with Horsemen United we made the public well familiar with the Curlies.
The appearances in the big gala ring in hall 6 were certainly the highlights.
Here Copper was starting his public appearance with a "Run".
Fast Spins, circles and changes were on his program.

Top Hat cut a fine figure under the classical saddle.
Furthermore Copper was going along at the EWU Demo in the gala ring.
Beauty and Lark were presented by the hand and were the so-called "Touch-Curlies", because everybody really wanted to stroke the head of curls of the both horses.

We thank for the energetic support:

SR Reining Horses, Stephan Rhode and Sandra Hoppmann
Horsemen-United International

Images of Equitana 2009