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Our Curly breeding

Our breeding goal:

As our goal for the breeding we would like to formulate the following:
Curly Horses should be bred as pure breeding, that is Curly to Curly. Matings should be chosen which guarantee a typical improvement fulfilling our expectations concerning the Curly Horses. For this we go back to the following horses: They have acquired excellent marks according to the assessment of German and international breeding committees concerning the exterior, the interior and the gaits. We shan't favor a conscious line breeding, even when we partly go back to line-bred animals.
That means that we will bring out the different Curly types with regard to the breeding. The following types of the Curly Horses are described:

- Sports horse
- Western horse
- Gait horse
- Cart horse

We renounce the breeding of the carthorse type, because also all other types are suited to driving at simultaneous upper ridability.

Sports horse
The sports horse shows a swinging and expansive pace. They are suitable for dressage and jumping. With the courageous nature of the Curly Horses they are also particularly predetermined for universalism and as a carriage horse. Our brood stallions Akipa’s Rhine Fire and Lockens Mangas and King Attila can be assigned easily and clearly to the sports horses type.

Western horse
The western horse shows a very strong distinctive haunches - the so-called "motor" of the horse. This haunches makes it possible for him to have an enormous strength to spurt and the necessary energy for the very special western exercises (sliding stops, spins, rollbacks). The gaits of them admit more often a comfortable seat. Our brood stallions Ohio Dream und Missouris’s Thunder are belonging definitely to the western horse type.

Gait horse
The peculiarities of the gait horses, the cowboy's "Rolls Royce" are in its varied gaits. So a horse shows for instance up to 8 gaits.

- Walk
- Flat Walk
- Tölt
- Missouri Foxtrot
- Trot
- Gallop
- Pass
- Running Walk

The "Missouri Foxtrotter Horse Breed Association" (MFTHBA) registers this race in a closed breeding book (... like ABC Curly Horses)
Our stallion Sir Patrick's Maximum and RCHR Dandy's Memorial Sam are two of 5 global doubly registered Curly Horse stallions (ABC+MFTHBA).
Our brood stallion JL Spar-King Quincy comes from a legendary Spartacus dressage line. World-wide Spartacus has only two pure bred Curly stallions which pass on his inheritance. Quincy is one of them and stands out with his exceptional color. He bequeaths the very expressive way work and the sports horse typical Exterieur to his descendants.

We set great store by the benevolent nature of the Curly Horses. The horses should be friendly, confidently, and easily ridable in contact with people. The excellent character of the Curly Horses must be preserved during the breeding. Furthermore there is the needless danger by hybridization of some different breed to import genetic deficiencies into this healthy and robust race. Likewise we pay attention to the fact that our Curly Horses show a lot of coat (mane and tail).

A suitable owning and rearing ensures not least a good friend and partner for human beings.