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Revue – Equitana Open Air 2008

click here to enlargeFrom 16th – 18th of May in 2008 the Riverside Curly Horse team was on the racecourse in Neuss with 8 different Curlies, to present the race and our breeding – it was a great success!

It was our goal to present the Curly Horses as a race, which is unique worldwide through its Hypoallergenicity. But not only that: We are training Curlies professionally for the tournament sport. This way Copper has passed a lot of tournaments with bravery under Stephan Rohde (www.stephan-rohde.de)
  • 1. place NRHA Jackpot- Open Slide in West with Joker’s Bit of Copper Dust

  • 2. place NRHA Open in Overath with Joker’s Bit of Copper Dust

  • 3. place NRHA Jackpot-Open in Overath with Joker’s Bit of Copper Dust

  • 4. place EWU Junior Reining Jokers Bit of Copper Dust

  • 5. place at the EWU Rheinland championships in Langenfeld with Joker’s Bit Of Copper Dust

  • 6. place EWU Junior Reining Issum Jokers Bit of Copper Dust. As well as the 15-th place at the German championships in Reining!

We have introduced our Curlies in many different categories at the Equitana Open Air:

  • Copper showed stops, spins, speed control as well as flying changes under the western saddle;

  • Top Hat represents the classically ridden Curlies by her size and the peppy gaits. She showed gallop - as well as trot strengthening and a splendid collected trot;

  • Aanna and Fox represented the Curlies through their natural ability of gaits; Moreover these both showed themselves in a fantastical beauty in front of the carriage;

  • Pearl showed how fast Curlies can learn and how nicely they handle people. At the time Pearl was trained only 2,5 months – all this was done solely by our 14-year-old daughter;

  • With Buttermilk and her colt-foal Lynx we presented our post breeding and the characteristic "Coolness" of the Curly Horses at a GHP;

  • Not least we presented Max, one of our gold-licensed brood stallions;

All this trouble was appreciated too by the team of WDR Lokalzeit Düsseldorf. They filmed us with the front-page story of the most beautiful exhibition stand and the unique race of the Curly Horses.

The inquiry was great!

After the Equitana Open Air we've got many mails of Curly prospective customers. A lot of courses, seminars, riding lessons as well as vacations were sold.

We are looking forward to seeing the next Equitana Open Air 2 years later. However, already after 2 weeks the next fair in the Netherlands is on the list.

Many thanks for the support at the fair:
Stephan Rohde and Sandra Hoppmann
Thomas Görs with Horsemen United
Fahrstall Klaesenho