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Fair Horse Rhine Ruhr 2010

This year we were represented as well by our Curly Horses at the fair.
A herd of young horses of 9 weanlings, our Reining Curly Copper and brand-new in our program
we introduced the "Missouri Fox Trotter Curly mare Dandy" at the fair. Ebony's Dandy Girl is
a double registered Curly-Missouri Fox Trotter mare.She was trained and represented by Mr.
and Mrs. Vierhaus (www.Gangpferde-Vierhaus.de) for the exhibition appearance.
Under Mrs. Vierhaus she showed very calm the Flat Foot Walk as well as the typical racial
Missouri Foxtrot.
Copper was showing extended, spectacular spins under Stephen Rohde. But the total eye-
catcher was the herd of foals.

The fair was a great success!

Gallery Fair Horse Rhine Ruhr 2010

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