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Konstanze Riemann

Konstanze Riemann

  • Master for horse economy - breeding and horse keeping

    • Education business and internships

  • EU Insamination Keeper FN

  • Breeding Judge FN

  • Horse communication therapist
    in education with:

    • Linda Weritz,

    • Thomas Görs, Pete Kreinberg, Anna Twinney, Michael Geitner

    • Dr. Heuschmann, Joachim Biernat, Eckhard Meyners, Christoph Rieser

  • Bronze driving badge FN

  • Lungeing badge FN

  • Courses offered:

    • Double lungeing rein,

    • Trust work

    • Imprint- and young horses-training

    • Shipment training

    • GHP courses, etc.

    • Horses understand their language, their learning, their herd structure

    • Western riding lessons, private lessons for beginners up to Newcomers of all ages.